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Aphrodisiacs have been around for hundreds of years, in some form. Sometimes, they are viewed as cliche, or even ‘cheesy’, but the bottom line is, they wouldn’t still exist and be talked about if there wasn’t truth behind their effects. While some are simple and can have limited effects, some are considered to be quite powerful when it comes to firing up sexual drive and libido. They are typically used for people who might have a difficult time getting in ‘the mood’ to begin with, or when a certain mood is trying to be set. No matter what your reasoning for looking into aphrodisiacs, they can be a fun way to add a new ‘spark’ to the bedroom, and to your sex life overall.

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Most commonly-known aphrodisiacs come in the form of food

The most commonly-known aphrodisiacs come in the form of food, and these are the types that have likely been around the longest. Oysters are probably the most popular, as they are said to contain amino acids that trigger sex hormones. Other foods like chili peppers, avocados, bananas, chocolate, and honey also get thrown into the mix of aphrodisiacs for a variety of reasons. For example, honey helps regulate testosterone and estrogen, and provides a natural energy boost. Chili peppers, aside from making you feel ‘hot’, stimulate endorphins in a similar way to when you’re feeling aroused. There’s a long list of food-related aphrodisiacs, and it can be fun to research them to figure out what would work best for you. At the very least, they are fun to experiment with and safe to try.

Special herbs don’t work so much

Closely related to foods are herbs that are commonly viewed as/used as aphrodisiacs. While these may sound more medicinal than actual foods, they are nothing more than herbs you might use while cooking, and are typically just as natural and safe as the food you eat. One of the most common of these herbs is ginseng, which has been found to increase sexual stimulation. The herb itself even looks like the human body.

Another herb, called Yohimbe, actually carries over into the next line of aphrodisiacs, including over the counter creams, pills, etc. Yohimbe is indeed a natural herb, found mainly in Africa, but it is also the main ingredient in the male sexual-stimulation pill, Viagra. It works by increasing nerve centers in the spine, which allows men to experience a lengthy erection without actually feeling overly stimulated. Unfortunately, there are side effects to this herb, especially when it is concentrated in the form of a pill. These include weakness, anxiety, and even hallucinations. Be sure to check out any potential side effects that could occur with what you might be taking. Even natural herbs can be manipulated in a way that is unhealthy.


Aphrodisiacs that are ‘man made’

Some aphrodisiacs that are ‘man made’, such as Viagra, or other supplements that are either prescription-based or over the counter, can unfortunately all cause similar side effects. Until Viagra, there hadn’t been many scientific studies done on these types of aphrodisiacs and how to use them. Unfortunately, some aphrodisiacs made in a lab still haven’t received the proper studies and trials they need before being given to the public. Over-stimulation can be a huge problem, but that seems minor compared to one of the most dangerous side effects that can occur; paralyzation. Be sure to consult a doctor before you decide to try an aphrodisiac that has any potential negative side effects. Trying to boost your sex drive or even setting the mood definitely isn’t worth the cost of your overall health, especially when permanent damage may be involved.

One of the most recent, and incredibly-fascinating aphrodisiacs on the market is Spanish Fly Pro. Spanish Fly Pro combines the best of both worlds, offering a product made with natural, safe ingredients in an easy-to-use method, that works every time. Spanish Fly Pro uses all natural ingredients to enhance your sex drive by up to 300%. It works in just minutes, and couldn’t be easier to use. It’s not a pill, a gel, or a cream – instead, you simply squeeze a few drops of the Spanish Fly Pro liquid into a beverage, and in less than ten minutes your sex drive will be as ‘revved up’ as you could ever imagine.


Incredibly-fascinating aphrodisiacs on the market – Spanish Fly Pro

Compared to other man-made aphrodisiacs, Spanish Fly Pro is completely safe. In their rigorous testing and trials, not one person using the product ever experienced a negative side effect. Other competitors can sometimes be so dangerous, they are even legally banned in the US. Even if they claim to be ‘safe’, they can take from 30 minutes to an hour to effectively kick in. During that time, the entire mood can certainly die down. The best part? It’s perfect for virtually anyone to use, from a new inexperienced couple, to a single mother, or a couple who has been married for years and looking to bring a spark back into their sex life.

Aphrodisiacs can certainly be a fun and exciting way to bring something new to the bedroom, and as long as they are natural and safe, experimenting with them can be intriguing to everyone. If you find yourself struggling with boosting the mood or your sex drive, consider something more potent, like Spanish Fly Pro, and you may find getting in ‘the mood’ is easier than ever before, even without the oysters involved! Have fun trying out your own experiments with aphrodisiacs, and enjoy having the best, and most exciting sex of your life.