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5 Best Natural sex aphrodisiacs on the Market

Have you reached a point in life where you actively seek to avoid having sex or just can’t enjoy sex the same way you used to? Know this that you are not alone. Millions of females in the U.S alone are suffering from low libido and actively avoid sex, even If they do make love but they can’t enjoy it to their fullest because as their bodies are not enjoying the activity it doesn’t produce natural lubrication which makes it more painful for you and your partner. Low libido doesn’t just happen once it happens from time to time, especially in today’s fast paced lifestyle where we don’t even have enough time to take of ourselves or our diet. We are our own worst enemies doing way more than we can handle, eating a not planned diet, and failing to provide our bodies sufficient rest has led many women to lose their libido, and some have even come to terms with their loss.

Women started to turn to over-the-counter products for a better sex life. These products often bear claims that they will “arouse”, “increase sexual desire” or “improve sexual performance,” but fail to deliver, but that’s not all they do. Due to the various industrial chemicals and additives , they cause major harm in the short and long run. So what do you do? Simple try only all natural sex enhancers and aphrodisiacs, that are made with only natural occur in mother nature and can be easily bought online or in the market, all the more the chances someone can scam you with a herb or fruit or vegetable are quite less. With all the natural aphrodisiacs you can say goodbye to all the harmful over the counter products like alcohol, Viagra and other health hazard sex enhancers all together. We have compiled a list of the 5 best natural sex aphrodisiacs in the market. It doesn’t matter if your suffering from low libido or just want a new spark in your sex life, anyone of these will have your libido fully charged and ready for pleasure. We aren’t referring to some exotic tree bark or insect, but rather to normal items that can be bought in any fine market. If you already don’t have these, well then it’s time for a grocery trip because you’re going to love them.


Cacao & Chocolate

It was inevitable for cacao to not be on the list. Raw cacao nibs is a super food with many benefits, along with being delicious and totally sugar free so can be consumed without any ingredients, including a wide variety of aphrodisiac properties. Chocolate being it most popular and most famous by product has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Cacao contains a molecule named anandamide that increases sexual intensity and raises awareness of the surrounding, due to its effects its also known as the “bliss molecule.” Besides its aphrodisiac properties its packed full of other healthy nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, antioxidants, and libido-enhancing arginines and methylxanthines. The fact that it also contains phenylethylamine, which  known as the “love chemical, alerts the mind and raises sexual urges considerably. So, next time you make cookies for yourself you might want to switch the chocolate chips with raw cacao nibs.


Fenugreek is an annual plant in the family Fabaceae, it’s seeds also acts as an edible aphrodisiac substance, that taste like maple syrup. It is cultivated worldwide as a semiarid crop and can be bought in any market. Fenugreek was used throughout history as a natural aphrodisiac, especially buy the romans, Egyptians and Greeks, along with being widely used in the Asian continent.  Its taste is a bit like butterscotch as well, and is used to flavor foods such as imitation maple syrup and in spice blends such as Ethiopian berbere. It use d throughout the world, but especially in India, where its leaves are eaten by both men and women to increase their sexual urges.  It is also recommended by many lactation advisers and promotes healthy breast tissues to help stimulate milk production and supply and it is also supposed to help reduce weight. Phytoestrogens is the main element that just not increase libido but also has been told to improve bust size. If you’re either looking to give your libido or breasts a boost then Fenugreek is a safe bet.



It is a root and vegetable mostly produced in Peru but thanks to its benefits can now me purchased in any market around the world. It has been traditionally used as a natural female aphrodisiac to increase energy, vitality, stamina and endurance. It also to promotes mental clarity and increases the chance of fertility for those who find conceiving hard. It has also been used to treat female menstrual irregularities and hormone imbalances like menopause and perimenopause. And the symptoms that accompany these have reduced drastically.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is used as a women breast enhancer, hormone regulator, balanced sexual health, relief from dryness, promotes sexual desire and an all-around aphrodisiac. Wild yam has been used for women’s sexual health for a long time and balances female sex hormones, which proves very helpful for those who want to naturally enhance the shape and texture of the breasts to be more attractive. Since its main function is as an aphrodisiac it stimulates balance of sexual hormones which result in a naturally occurring sexual desire and libido.


Spanish Fly Pro

Wait, isn’t this an industrial product? This is the question you all might be asking yourself, the answer is no, though a commercial product but by no means is not an all-natural product. Spanish Fly is no more than a perfect blend of naturally occurring ingredients it boosts energy levels, enhances sexual organs, help modulate hormone balance, improve mood, and stimulate the desire for sex in an all-natural way, making it the most prominent and effective aphrodisiac and sex enhancer. If your either low on libido or just want some more intensity in your sec life Spanish Fly Pro will get the job done.