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The truth about Spanish Fly

A short info you need to know

Since the Roman times, Spanish Fly is one of the most famous ways to increase the sex drive in women and enhance libido instantaneously. Spanish Fly drops has been used as sexual pleasure enhancer for many years now. 15 drops of Spanish Fly, mixed witn any drink, can arouse your girlfriend or wife in no time. Indeed, Spanish Fly has been considered as an amazing aphrodisiac.
Spanish Fly can stimulate the body and relax the mind. It can also enhance sexual stimulation. The best thing is, it increases a woman’s desire to have sex.

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Due to the high demand of Spanish Fly from women all over the world, a ‘’new version’’ of Spanish Fly was made possible. Introducing the amazing NEW Spanish fly - Spanish Fly Pro - a much safer and more effective sexual pleasure enhancer for all women. For those of you who are looking for Spanish Fly, the incredible Spanish Fly Pro is the more innovative, more effective, much safer version of this aphrodisiac.

Are you suffering from low sex drive?

Just like men, women may also experience lack of libido or low sex drive. This particular concern may be due to either psychological or physical factors. However, why would you suffer from all these sexual problems when there is the right solution for you?

Erotic stimulation needs both physical and emotional catalysts. When there is sexual desire, exchange of kisses and caresses all over the body particularly on the genitals usually follow. Sexual arousal happens next; caresses and kisses or even your partner’s sensual smell may drive you crazy. And when an amazing aphrodisiac is used, this will increase your sexual desire and take your sexual experience to the next level.

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Wanna get aroused in 5 minutes? The answer to this is to take Spanish Fly Pro. Basically, it is the same as Spanish Fly but is much safer and this works 100% on all women!

The best thing about the new Spanish fly - Spanish Fly Pro is the fact that it is purely natural and very safe. By using this sex enhancer, you can enhance a woman’s sex drive easily and naturally. The main ingredients of these drops are melatonin and fructose, which are both helpful in enhancing a womans’ sex drive. Spanish Fly Pro can make sex more exciting and pleasurable. These drops are comfortable to use. They can be dissolved in any drink or liquid. No need to worry about harmful side effects.

Low Sex Drive and Lack of Libido in Women - The Common Causes

The Physical Factors

  • A woman may experience lower sex drive if she is not confident enough. A low self-esteem may affect a woman’s desire to have sex. In addition, traumatic relationships in the past may also contribute to this problem.
  • Anemia, which is caused by iron loss during a woman’s menstruation period may affect her sex drive.
  • Alcohol consumption or substance use may also lower sex drive in women.
  • Obesity or anorexia may affect the hormones, thus lowers sex drive.
  • Those who are suffering from diabetes and other types of diseases may also suffer from low sex drive.

The Psychological reasons

Apart from physical reasons, emotional and mental issues may also affect a female’s sex drive.

  • Stress is one of reasons women have lower sex drive. Too much work and stress can stop from achieving a healthy sexual life.
  • Depresssion and anxiety can result to a complete loss of libido and decrese in sex drive.
  • Women who are in their menopausal stage are commonly experiencing lower sex drive.
  • When partners usually have repetitive arguments, this can complicate the relationship which can lead to lower desire to have sex.
  • Bad memories from childhood can also lead to a lower sex drive. Women who have gone through traumatic experiences in the past may experience lower sex drive.

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  • You can expect an increased sex drive instantaneously which includes overly wet vagina
  • Expect more intense climax and sensation
  • There will be an increased interest to have sex
  • Greater possibilty of multiple orgasms
  • Quicker arousal and faster orgasm
  • More intense clitoral stimulation
  • And the best thing is, you will make her beg for more!

A Right Dosage is the Key

Spanish Fly Pro can provides great benefits if taken the right way. The main ingredients of these drops are Maca, L-Arginine, Tribulus terrestris, Guarana, Caffeine, Panax Ginseng and Zinc. These drops have yellow color and grapefruit taste and they need to be mixed with water, softdrink, beer, coffee, or water (but they does not change the taste or flavor of the drink). They must not be consumed by itself.

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