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Where does Spanish Fly has its origins?

girl_is_happy_after_spanish_flySpanish Fly is the revolutionary product that has, for millennia, turned around the sexual fortunes for people whose sexual lives had been blotted by non-arousal or non-performance, and has produced wonders for those who are looking forward to a heady, explosive, and evocative session of sex.

History has quite a few examples of how Spanish Fly was used to create sexual wonders.

Some of these are:

• In Roman times, Livia, the scheming wife of Augustus Caesar, slipped it into food hoping to inspire her guests to some indiscretion with which she could later blackmail them.

• Henry IV (1050–1106) is known to have consumed Spanish fly at the risk of his health.

• In 1572, Ambroise Paré wrote an account of a man suffering from “the most frightful satyriasis” after taking a potion composed of nettles and cantharides.

• In the 1670s, Spanish fly was mixed with dried moles and bat’s blood for a love charm made by the magician La Voisin.

• It was slipped into the food of Louis XIV to secure the king’s lust for Madame de Montespan.

• In the 18th century, cantharides became fashionable, known as pastilles Richelieu in France.

• It is claimed the Marquis de Sade gave aniseed-flavored pastilles that were laced with Spanish fly to prostitutes at an orgy in 1772. He was sentenced to death for poisoning and sodomy, but later reprieved on appeal.

Does it really work?

Spanish Fly - Spanish Fly ProMany a times, in a married life or otherwise, a lot of couples tend to get involved in some kind of altercation or fight, and some of these could prove disastrous. Many factors play an important role in solving family problems, but sexual life plays a pivotal role in a lot of those disputes. Few issues like lack of incidences of sex, and poor orgasmic performance of females lead to a wide drift in the couple which can lead to bigger problems.

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