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From Spanish Fly Gold to Spanish Fly Pro

The Spanish Fly Gold is aphrodisiac used to increase women’s sexual desire. It contains a substance found in Spanish flies called cantharidin, which is the primary cause of increase in sensation and appetite for sex in women. However, the substance is also known to have toxic properties which are comparable to the most fatal poisons during the 19th century. If you have been using or have tried using the Spanish Fly Gold, then perhaps you already have experienced some of the aphrodisiac’s negative effects. You might have been through fever, intense burning sensations on the face and body, reddening of the genitals, and changes in discharge. Needless to say, these side effects of the Spanish Fly Gold, although commonly experienced by users, have a tendency to get worse later on, especially if you have been using the product for a long time. Notable side effects due to prolonged use of the Spanish Fly Gold are permanent damage to the genitals, ovaries, and kidneys.

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Why Switch to Spanish Fly Pro

Manufacturers of the Spanish Fly Pro discourage the use of its old counterpart, Gold, because of potential health risks. Unlike the old version, the Spanish Fly Pro is effective in increasing female sexual desire but does not have side effects of any kind. There was one notable side effect though, but it was only mild headache. This occurred when the aphrodisiac was taken five times more than the average limit.

Benefits of Using the Spanish Fly Pro

Aside from improved appetite for sexual desire, using Spanish Fly Pro has many other benefits. When taken, it helps promote faster arousal and orgasm as well as more intense sensation resulting to quicker climax. Using it also increases the chance for multiple orgasms. On the other hand, the Spanish Fly Pro also benefits the body by supporting overall health as it strengthen the immune system and promote healthy blood circulation, most especially around the pelvic area and genital region.

Who can use Spanish Fly Pro?

There is no age limit when using the Spanish Fly Pro since it is 100% natural. However, there are cases that the use of the substance is not permitted for use of minors because it contradicts certain morality principles. On the other hand, although the Spanish Fly Pro is primarily intended to increase sex desire in women, men can also use it without having negative health effects. Women, as well as men, can improve sexual drive without taking risks with the new Spanish Fly Pro. It improves sexual desire in the safest and most effective way, so there should be no hesitations and worries.